Safety and Training

We have extensive experience with safety, training and competency programs as well as ‘fit for purpose’ training that is designed for the Executive Team all the way down to the floor hand.  Training programs include:

Fit for Purpose Training Program based on tracking Training/Competency/Recurrent Training.  We provide full scope training and competency programs based on process proven approaches used in both the military and civilian aviation.  We develop the curriculum and track your teams competency/currency and can train teams all over the world using Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Rig Training – Workers from Floorhands to Company Men receive customized training, mentoring, and coaching on the fundamentals of operating in a high-risk high-reliability environment through instruction, team building exercises, and a deliverables based curriculum that is focused on training, coaching, and mentoring/leadership development.

Strategic Communications – Our team provides instruction on leadership-crew interaction during normal operations, times of stress, and post incidents in order to achieve the desired work culture to ensure safe operations.

838 Leadership Training – Based on the Marine Corps leadership principles, the 838 Leadership Course is an interactive, facilitated workshop that provides a systematic, comprehensive course taught to leaders of critical teams. This leadership training targets leaders of all levels and focuses on improving safety, compliance, operational efficiency, and team culture.

Safety Management Systems (SMS) – In a true system safety environment, there are multiple systems that make up the safety environment. Components of a successful safety program complement each other by bringing different aspects and principles for a well-rounded safety program. For example, As Low as Reasonably Practicable Risk (ALARP), Root Cause Analysis, Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS), Predictive Analytics, Data-sharing and Voluntary Safety Reporting Systems all compliment the system safety design.  The 838 team has substantial experience building SMS for customers based on high-risk high-reliability models that use SMS in day to day business.

SEMS – 838 Inc. uses proven principles from the aviation industry, both military and civilian, to build upon the requirements of Subpart S and API Recommended Practice 75. We use proven tools and techniques to ensure that your company complies with the new Workplace Safety Rule for Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS).  Not only will we build and coach your team how to manage SEMS, we will be your corporate resource and periodically return to perform gap analysis on your procedures to ensure you maintain compliance.

Competency evaluation – With the explosive growth in the oil and gas industry, how do you know your new hires are trained properly?  How do you know you Drillers are maintaining core competency while on the job.  The 838 Inc. team uses seasoned oil and gas veterans to measure rig worker competency and designs training/currency and competency programs to ensure your team is operating safely and efficiently.

Human Factors Analysis Classification System and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Workshops – The goal of HFACS is not to attribute blame. The objective is to analyze the human interactions that preceded an accident/incident.  HFACS is used as a classification and organization component for human factors information in conjunction with Root Cause Analysis as the investigative component. The relationship between HFACS, RCA and RTM provide further justification for the need.  838 has developed an HFACS/RCA course that ensures safe operations by changing culture from a culture of Who to a culture of What.

Implementing Checklists – Checklists and a robust procedure-based checklist culture are the strongest lines of defense against human error.  Learn how to build and use checklists based on NASA, U.S. Military Tactical Pilots and Special Forces experience operating in the world’s most high risk environments.

Other – We have Navy SEALs and Army/Marine Corps Special Ops members that provide advance training in many specialties.  A few of the courses taught include:   High-Risk Protective Security (PSD), Close Protection (Hostile Environments), Risk Management & Conflict Resolution, Advanced Tactical Weapons, Hostage Rescue & Negotiations, Advanced Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Advanced Small Team Tactics, Covert Surveillance Operations, Counter Surveillance & Intelligence, Sniper/ Counter Sniper Training, Maritime Security & Anti Piracy Training, Counter Terrorism (CT), Police Special Weapons & Tactics, Police Dignitary Protection & Security, Police Covert Surveillance & Intelligence.