Course Development

People are the key to success in any endeavor. 838 Inc.’s plan to perform the required tasks relies upon the wealth of leadership experience our staff possesses. Their experience and judgment is supported by the most effective modern instructional technology. Our careful selection of senior military and civilian instructors has afforded

838 Inc. the ability to streamline the development and implementation of training. We have made every effort to remain aware and skilled on every form of training and all training principles.  Our staff is capable of over-performing on the tasks outlined in any performance work statement.

Instructional Design

The carefully chosen 838 Inc. team has an extensive knowledge and capability designing instructional modules that are suited to the customer. The use of the latest technology and social media features positions the 838 Inc. team to be able to provide the best solution for the student, the learning environment and the time available. Using the benefits of E-Learning 838 Inc. has used its wide base of experience to enable the best principles of Instructional Design to be applied to the requirements of the customer. The goal of the 838 Inc. instructional design team is to deliver maximum knowledge retention with sustainable and efficient information transfer methods. We continue to meet that goal on a daily basis.