Leadership Development

The 838 Inc. team members have help leadership positions, have attended leadership training and have continually practiced the best qualities of leadership. Our ability to recognize leadership skills, attitude and principles is the basis for 838 Inc. being able to provide the highest quality and most pertinent leadership training. The leadership training personnel at 838 Inc. have received vast amounts of training in their careers and recognize the best principles and procedures of training. Our experience with the subject matter and their problem solving skills are targeted towards recognition of potential difficulties with a skill that is unmatched in the leadership training.

The 838 Inc. team has a long history of leadership, command, problem solving and crisis management. We are able to function under pressure to determine the root cause of the problem, identify a solution, implement the response to the problem, and monitor the results to ensure effective and long term correction of the difficulties. If there are difficulties that cannot be avoided, 838 Inc. possesses the training and experience to overcome any difficulties encountered.

Our staff has spent the past 30 years researching, writing about, teaching, practicing, and providing consulting advice on leadership. This type of approach provides a dispassionate solution that targets the solution with the most direct and efficient use of assets. The ability to overcome obstacles is enabled by a strict adherence to the principles of conflict resolution and problem solving. The 838 Inc. staff has a long history of winning for the customer.

Knowledge Management

The 838 Inc. Staff develops Knowledge Management (KM) systems, which result in reduced time to train. We conduct a Front End Analysis (FEA) using our vast CPOF, civil and military aviation experience to determine scope of needs and generate recommendations on configuration of hardware and software compatible with the size, complexity, and security classification of the subject matter. We integrate Computer Based Training (CBT) with Performance Assessment modules to allow electronic monitoring and management of student performance and generation of virtual training records.

838 Inc. team staff developed a comprehensive Master Task List (MTL) to capture all the training tasks necessary to be qualified in an upgraded modern cockpit. The MTL was created using the principles of the Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) and incorporated dedicated training on Operational Risk Management (ORM) and Crew Resource Management (CRM). The MTL was used as the source document to generate the training syllabus and resource list for many aircrew positions. The MTL also provides an assessment of training device requirements by accommodating “what if” scenarios.

The 838 Inc. team has the established staff with the requisite operator experience to maneuver through any challenges that may arise. Due to our operational military background, the entire team is well versed at planning for different scenarios and developing multiple courses of action for major projects and exercises. The experience level of the team indicates that our ability to handle potential problems on a strategic level has been exercised over the course of 20-30 years and we understand how to succeed no matter what the circumstances. It is our job to quickly identify unforeseen challenges, react accordingly and set the appropriate course to rectify any potential problems. We are confident we possess the capability to resolve any unforeseen challenge.