Commercial Aviation Experience

838 Inc. has direct experience with a broad spectrum of civilian aviation specific applications. As former airline employees and/or as experienced consultants, the combined team has an astute awareness of airline data management. 838 Inc.’s knowledge of FAA requirements and airline industry compliance and best practices coupled with significant information system strategic planning, integration, and software development experience makes them uniquely qualified to satisfy planning needs.

More specifically, the 838 Inc. team has extensive experience in air carrier operations, and safety management; to include considerable experience in system operations control, having developed and managed domestic and international air carrier operations command and control centers. The team’s air carrier operational experience includes systems integration, collaborative programs with domestic and international Air Traffic Organizations, and key participation in FAA / Industry initiatives such as “14 CFR Part 121 Single-level of Safety,” and RTCA Special Committee SC-194 Data Link Integration as part of the FAA’s Next Generation Air Traffic Management.

Military Aviation Experience

Mainly developed for the purposes of generating and executing government contracting, 838 Inc. employees have lead, executed, participated in, and supported high risk aviation missions in the Far East, Near East, Caribbean, Central America, and South America. These areas of armed conflict, campaigns, tensions, disputes, contingency operations, and hostilities include Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kosovo, and Kuwait. Operations include: Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Allied Force, and Enduring Freedom. The missions performed by 838 Inc. staff consisted of land based and sea based fixed wing and rotary wing, manned and unmanned operations. 838 Inc. has managed, planned, trained, and maintained personnel and aircraft performing tactical, logistics, search and rescue, law enforcement, and humanitarian missions.

The personnel on the 838 Inc. staff with USCG background are experienced with Law Enforcement Operations (LEO), Search and Rescue (SAR), and Drug Interdiction (DI). They have experience in rotary wing aircraft and turboprop/turbojet fixed wing aircraft. The LEO, SAR, and DI missions were conducted in the Caribbean and Central America during all-weather day/night conditions. The unique “Safety of Life” criteria of the SAR mission gives them experience with mission urgency rarely experienced by other aviation assets.