Program Support

Program Operations Support

  • Provide and perform emergency response/humanitarian missions
  • Provide and perform surge operations
  • Document Security clearances in personal history files
  • Single-Point Operations Management – serve as single liaison for Senior INL/A onsite rep
  • Convene, lead, and maintain core planning cell of subsidiary contract reps

Program Office Support

  • Develop & maintain an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
  • Maintain a Data Management/Project Document Repository
  • Maintain property accountability for USG property under client custody
  • Assist in the planning, scheduling, coordinating, and facilitation of meetings
  • Conduct  Program Management Reviews (PMR)
  • Provide input and coordinate the submission of Information Request Responses
  • Provide Executive Support to the senior client personnel
  • Draft white papers and articles highlighting client accomplishments

Program Planning

  • Develop and deliver a Contractor Program Management Plan (CPMP)
  • Phase-In transition planning and execution
  • Implement and maintain a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) software solution
  • Develop and maintain a program-wide Schedule Management Plan
  • Develop the data management plan to be incorporated into the program management SOP
  • Establish and implement a program-wide Communications Plan
  • Develop, institute and maintain a Change Management (CM) Plan – version control policy
  • Provide and manage a standardized plan for all Configuration Control Boards, program-wide
  • Develop and implement HAZMAT/Environmental Safety Compliance plans
  • Plan, implement, and conduct the transition to a new MIS platform (tbd)
  • Manage software quality assurance activities


Acquisition Support

  • Provide recommendations for all elements in acquisition plans
  • Develop SOWs, SOOs, and other requirements documents
  • Provide technical writing services in direct support of the PMO
  • Assist the program office in preparing Cost Estimates
  • Assist in conducting market research to identify potential sources and contract vehicles
  • Assist in the evaluation process for both informal and formal selection process
  • Provide post-award support (contract mods, site-visits, monitor performance)

Program Evaluation

  • Perform data capture, validation, and analysis for assigned client projects
  • Perform inspections and provide inputs to USG quality assurance management information system
  • Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECPs) and Process Improvement and Cost Savings (PICS)
  • Experience with Interagency Committee on Aviation Policy (ICAP)
  • Experience with the INL/A Aviation Resource Management Survey (ARMS)
  • Implement continuous improvement initiatives program-wide


  • Experience evaluating and managing to the Stage III IS-BAO safety protocol
  • Knowledge of ICAO and FAA SMS standards
  • Knowledge of ICAP SMS standards
  • Maintain accident/incident statistical data and perform routine safety trend analysis
  • Knowledge of HAZMAT policies 40 CFR 261 and 261 and 29 CFR 1910.120, 1200, and HAZWOPR
  • Experience developing Safety Management Plans
  • Knowledge of AC 120-92A


  • Develop and present Courses of Action (COA) briefs
  • Develop a real-time contractor status dashboard detailing program tasks, deliverables, and risks
  • Develop a monthly flight hour report by airframe and country
  • Provide aircraft material expenditure reports