Demonstrated Experience

A few examples of recent experience include:

  • Aviation Operational and Maintenance Functional Review
  • Real time data analysis
  • Built a comprehensive Safety Environmental Management System (SEMS) Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for a deep water operator
  • Contracted to build SEMS SOP
  • Assessed operating procedures for a deep water oil and gas operator
  • Developed SOP for operation of the Blow Out Preventer
  • High Risk High Reliability Training
  • High Reliability Leadership Training

838 team members have worked with the following airlines and organizations:  FAA, IATA, DoD, ARINC, United Airlines, United Feeder Service (United Express), USA3000, SkyLink (d/b/a) MaxJet, Skybus Airlines, Trans States Airlines, Compass Airlines, Air Mobility Command (AMC) Alaska Airlines, ATA Airlines, Chicago Express, GoJet Airlines LLC, and North American Airlines.

Software Partner Experience

838 Inc’s software partner has established strategic alliances with world leading technology companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, SAP and IBM. These strategic alliances represent a deep commitment to ensure that the software conforms to all applicable technology standards and is built on widely adopted platforms. As a result, customers can leverage maximum value from their technology investments.

The following is a brief list of 838’s software partners customers and is a representation of tremendous experience:

  • NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio is one of ten NASA centers
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Emergency Response Data System
  • Lockheed Martin – shipboard automation and control solutions called ‘Intelligent Ship Management’ (ISM)
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) High Performance Scientific Computing (HSPC) Center – nuclear weapons simulations
  • US Chemical Safety Board – Incident Investigations.