UAS and System Safety

The aviation community is leading other industries in forward thinking for System Safety; therefore, providing a perfect safety model to emulate. 838 Inc. delivers optimum capabilities to customers while keeping costs, in any economy, to a minimum.  We deliver services to high risk/high reliability operators based on lessons learned and experience in safety, quality and risk management in the world’s largest airlines, but tailor the offering to the size, sophistication and affordability to aviation and oil and gas customers.

The 838 Inc. team has the established team with the requisite operator experience to maneuver through any challenges that may arise.  Due to our operational military background, the entire team is well versed at planning for different scenarios and developing multiple courses of action for major projects and exercises.  The experience level of the team indicates that our ability to handle potential problems on a strategic level has been exercised over the course of over 20-30 years and we understand how to succeed no matter what the circumstances.  It is our job to quickly identify unforeseen challenges, react accordingly and set the appropriate course to rectify any potential problems.  We are confident we possess the capability to resolve any unforeseen challenge.

UAS Experience

838 Inc. and our team members have been on the leading edge of the integration and operation of rotary and fixed wing UAS. The challenges to proper and safe operation of the UAS go beyond the launch and recovery phases of flight.  The full spectrum of aviation knowledge is required to perform UAS operations in a manner consistent with current manned operations.

The team consists of members who have considerable industry experience in airline operational control, safety and risk management.  We understand the data distribution requirements and have the ability to harness information into useable content. 838 Inc. has significant demonstrated experience in domestic and global IFR operations as aircraft operators and managers of command and control (C2) platforms.  We have designed policies and procedures for complex operations control centers and have managed the use of technology to support control of onboard and ground flight systems.  838 Inc. has been on the front of aircraft operations certifications with the FAA and the design and implementation of Safety Management (SMS) related to UAS operations.

UAS OperatorOperators

838 Inc. team members have many flight hours operating military UAS in both benign and challenged environments. The experience gained from employing the UAS in a wide range of surroundings allows us to draw upon that knowledge to reduce and/or eliminate the challenges that are difficult to predict. The operation of a UAS requires much more reliance upon a fully developed set of aviation skills due to the lack of feedback that is available in a manned vehicle.

The 838 Inc. team members are military and civil rated aviators with many years of experience in civil and tactical environments. This experience level elevates our team to a status that provides maximum efficiency for the current set of operational tasks and also allows us to predict the challenges to future capabilities.


The regulatory compliance landscape for the UAS and the UAS operator is a quickly changing area. 838 Inc. has been at the forefront of working groups and System Safety roundtables to provide inputs and information on the requirements and common practices of regulatory compliance for all aviation systems.

Airworthiness certification of the UAS to civil standards has presented a unique opportunity to bring to bear the long set of lessons from certification of manned systems. The 838 Inc. team has a full working knowledge of all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Standard Orders (TSO), Section 333 exemptions, Advisory Circulars, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), Type Certificates, Certificates of Authorization (COA) and hardware/software certification.

Veg Management 3Industries

838 Inc. will assist in the design of your UAS to ensure proper visualization and data acquisition and analysis.  We provide the hardware and software that gives your team maximum knowledge capabilities for your jobs.  Currently, we are working in the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Fire Protection
  • Vegetation Management