Safety Management System Development

In order to create a true Safety Management System (SMS), regulators and operators will need to eventually come together to share data with impunity. De-identified data sharing across the industry so each operator can learn from the other’s mistakes, industry standard protocols to solve safety related issues and truly share data and information across the industry is the true essence of an SMS. A safety system should be just that, a system. There is not one single manual that will solve safety related problems. Isolated programs that work independently will not solve safety issues. A system is designed to work as major independent functions all working together to increase safety and efficiency.

  • SMS is an explicit, comprehensive and proactive process for managing risks that integrates operations and technical systems with financial and human resource management.
  • SMS is woven into the fabric of the business. It defines how the organization intends to conduct the management of safety and becomes part of the culture; the way people do their jobs.
  • Every employee in every department contributes to the safety health of the organization. The system must be integrated into the way things are done throughout the organization.

838 understands the inter-relationship between reporting systems, data and regulatory oversight and how to bring everything together to function as a system.  We can design and implement these systems in any industry and have specific experience with high risk industry implementation.

System Safety

Our team members were taught from the beginning of their careers as military aviators that safety as a system was not a byproduct of operations. As flight safety officers in their flying squadrons they attended the Air Force, Navy and Marine accident investigation training courses and conducted many accident investigations throughout their careers. All have fully lived the concept of a just culture or blameless working environment and have experience firsthand what it can do to increase productivity, reduce costs and most importantly improve the safety culture of the organization.

Working safe is a result of the company’s effort and culture. It’s how you do work every day. 838 Inc. members have experienced that culture and developed and honed the tools and techniques to bring about substantial change in organizations and teaching values determining what’s right, not who’s right. The blameless culture adds to the bottom line through reduced training costs, reworks and lost vital resources due to accidents and incidents.

The military has long used red teams in war gaming scenarios as opposing forces in simulated conflicts to reveal weaknesses in friendly force plans. Red teaming also refers to an independent peer review of abilities, vulnerabilities, and limitations. All of the members of 838 Inc. have been part of and gained exposure to many red teams in their military careers. They’ve used red team concepts over and over again to prepare for challenging training and actual combat missions.