Oil and Gas Experience

The 838 Inc. team has deep experience operating in the OCS as well as the North Slope of Alaska working in the oil and gas industry. The team has delivered Rig Training, Strategic Communications, High Reliability Leadership, Facilitated Events, Checklists, Culture Survey, Hazard Identification, and Keynote Services and we have Navy SEALs and Army/Marine Corps Special Ops members that provide advance training in many specialties.

Common Operating Picture

838 Inc. is currently integrating Common Operating Picture (COP) software into the oil and gas industry for work in virtual real time operations centers. The COP software is capable of integrating 3rd party contractor software as well as public web interfaces into the collaborative software to provide real time command and control operational and logistic capability to Operators.

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE)

838 Inc has performed the following work for the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement:

  • Performed an independent assessment of the various types of real-time data monitoring systems available for offshore oil and gas operations. The focus was on drilling activities and production technologies. Identified best available technology. Identified the operators, contractors, and service companies that currently use real-time monitoring.
  • Performed a cost benefit analysis of the systems identified that details potential costs to industry, potential increases in safety performance, government resources needed for implementation, and necessary training for all parties involved.
  • Provided recommendations and curriculum for training programs or contracted services which would be needed to incorporate the identified systems.
  • Identified all necessary information which needs to be collected, calculated, or monitored during operations to improve the current level of safety. Data should include, but is not limited to, pressure drops, fluid influx, fluid loss, and the operation of BOP functions. Identified all existing or proposed modeling tools that can be used in connection with real time data to prevent incidents.
  • Identified technologies and data that might be helpful in measuring field performance of critical equipment with the goal of predicting potential failures. Identified areas where this technology could be used to supplement or replace current inspection techniques such as visual inspection or pressure testing of equipment.
  • Provided system safety expertise and training to incorporate real time monitoring into the industry.
  • Performed an assessment of automation technologies and their impacts on human and environmental safety, efficiency improvements, and cost to industry.
  • High Risk High Reliability Training.
  • High Reliability Leadership Training.