About 838 Inc.

838 Inc is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business .  A new company with a solid foundation in Safety Management Systems, 838 Inc was founded by Safety Management System experts who have spent many years working on and developing Safety Management Systems for high risk industries. Known as a pioneers in the field of document and regulatory compliance, the 838 team has built systems and software specifically designed to manage safety. 838 Inc has critical partnerships with other industry leading companies to ensure it can provide maximum value to the client.

The team is made up of experts in the aviation and oil and gas industries with program management, training, safety systems, software and leadership experience applying military leadership, crisis management and training concepts to all industries. The core 838 Inc. team is made up of former military aviators, who are part of the elite corps of fighter pilots that have worked in commercial aviation safety departments, oil and gas drilling and production, on regulatory compliance, Safety Management Systems (SMS) implementation and Data Aggregation/Common Operating Picture software. The team has experience to adjust to a fluid environment and has worked globally with extensive history and in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed in high-risk environments.

We’ve used high-risk safety team concepts throughout our careers and we bring these experiences and the tools, techniques and solutions to employ them on any project; accelerating a team’s experience by putting the right safety systems in place, and ensuring the development of a safety culture throughout the organization.

Subject Matter Experts

Our team members were taught from the beginning of their careers that safety as a system was not a byproduct of operations during their careers as military aviators. As flight safety officers in their flying squadrons they attended the Air Force, Navy and Marine accident investigation training courses and conducted many accident investigations throughout their careers. All have experienced the concept of a blameless working environment and fully understand what it can do for productivity and cost reduction resulting in increased profitability.

Our experience is gained from the North Slope of Alaska as well as in the Gulf of Mexico where we work to increase efficiency and improve safety by evaluating in-service field performance. We also have experience training the Iraqi or Afghanistan military, as Instructor Pilots in some of the world’s most demanding aviation environments. We are capable of quickly identifying deficiencies and providing successful recommendations based on current operations. We are uniquely qualified to excel in understanding the dynamics in the field and employing unique solutions by using our extensive experience and military training.

Working safe is a result of the company’s effort and culture. It’s how you do work every day. 838 members have experienced that culture and developed and honed the tools and techniques to bring about substantial change in organizations and teaching values determining what’s right, not who’s right. The blameless culture adds to the bottom line through reduced training costs, reworks and lost vital resources due to accidents and incidents.